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  • Stop Eviction Consultants

    Lost my job and received an eviction notice from my landlord. Searched Google and found Johns business. Called John and his response was friendly and immediate. He put the paperwork together right away and was always available (even On weekends) to a... Read More »

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    Company has old dangerous equipment company doesn't pay on time company doesn't give pay statement company Claims they're taking out taxes.company owes 3 weeks of pay.company will call law enforcement when asked about pay statement given them falsely... Read More »

  • The Coalition for Senior Citizen Security

    I merely want to get off this list. No website, no current phone number, nothing. DISCONNECTED phone: number listed is DOA. Their address on mailer is different than listed here. Sketchy, eh? WHAT are they HIDING? I don't want this crap in my mailbo... Read More »

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