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  • Gary West Productions

    "A friend referred me to use their photography services for my son's Bar Mitzvah. When I was researching prices, I thought they offered fair and competitive prices. They were easy to work with and extremely accommodating. They were flexible and went ... Read More »

  • Gifts International Inc.

    Spools of tulle were advertised at 100 yards. After using 28 yards, there was very little left. Company claims smaller spool was wound tighter. I'm not stupid, and i certainly know that 100 yards -28 yards does not equal less than 25 yards... good th... Read More »

  • Turf-Pros, Inc

    Turf-Pros has been at my propety for a little over a year. In this amount of time I have noticed the difference on my property, very green and clean. They have provided excellent service, very knowledgeable and professional. They pay attention to eve... Read More »

  • Flores Design Fine Furniture, Inc.

    Unfortunately, I chose one of their fabrics that should never been offered for sofas. It immediately stretched out and soon came apart at the seams. I chose the fabric, my fault. Now after only 2 years the frame on the larger sofa has become detach... Read More »

  • Shaked Vacation Homes, LLC.

    !!!BEWARE!!! These people will rip you off any way they can. They DO NOT honor contract terms and will keep your rental deposit for made-up reasons. We figured out just how dishonest they are during the 1st days of our 6 week tenancy. Lucky for us be... Read More »