11301 West Olympic Blvd Suite 112
Los Angeles, CA 90064
Phone: (888) 743-8107
Contact: Jason Bendat -
Company ID: 100115567

The grid below includes a brief summary of complaints and the company's response, if available. In some cases, the grid may include all complaints against the company.

Complaint and Response Summaries
Customer Complaint: I received the phone and was unable to the calls, I talked to service, and tried all their suggestio... Read More

Company Response: We've issued an exchange RMA for the customer's device. They will receive an email with their RMA nu... Read More
Customer Complaint: This app will not let me more calls out or download the voicemail setting it advertises that's suppo... Read More

Company Response: Need additional information in order to assist with troubleshooting their device. More info on Voice... Read More
Customer Complaint: It wont let me get me videos or pictures

Company Response: MMS is currently only supported on Android as an added service. Learn how to add it here - https://s... Read More
Customer Complaint: Y'all's commercials aren't true it says over and over free free free. It's not free

Company Response: We apologize for the confusion, though free services are offered, we also offer paid options. Free p... Read More
Customer Complaint: Can I please have my 2 paid phones Kyocera phones overnighted with free shipping tomorrow.

Company Response: Insufficient information, require customer's account email to provide further assistance.
Customer Complaint: Your commercial advertises that the phone and service is free!!! On the application it says you will... Read More

Company Response: We apologize for any confusion, free service can be obtained after purchasing a device. Please conta... Read More
Customer Complaint: They have not had this service for seven weeks.

Company Response: Insufficient information, please contact us at with BCA Case 98798265 in th... Read More
Customer Complaint: I received multiple charges for a service that was advertised as "first month free" - Now, they have... Read More

Company Response: Refunded overage fees and issued return RMA for device refund.
Customer Complaint: They offer a product so I can have internet access at home for $40.00.' I am an adult on fixed incom... Read More

Company Response: The customer can attempt to place an order at or can contact us at 877-848-2810.
Customer Complaint: FreedomPop has claimed it has upgraded its network and my 4G device, a Ubee Stick, no longer works.

Company Response: Canceled account per customer's request to avoid further charges.
Customer Complaint: So now I want to use them and to my surprise this unit no longer works

Company Response: Our records indicate consumer has since upgraded to an LTE hotspot as previously recommended
Customer Complaint: I had to enter my debit card information twice on my browser but no confirmation on the web page or ... Read More

Company Response: Complaint resolved. This is concerning my new complaint I was not billed due to we p... Read More