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About the hotel manger

Date: 7/7/2019 10:41 PM (PST)

Is the hotel management guy allowed to just use his key to come in room when one ur dressing or children dressing or bathing or while u are sleeping and over charge u by 40 dollars because your not his race or is religion and is he allowed to get free mantnice for a paying the room and stiil charging us 100 a night and sexually and verbal abuseing us exspeacialy me a female to be exact and then he is nice to my husband but when he leaves he harasses me and my kids specially when we are trying to get dressed or bathing or napping during the day

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Date: 7/8/2019 9:18 AM (PST)

Good Morning Amber. We have received your complaint against the hotel and it is currently being processed. To answer your question, of course it is not okay and my questions is why would you continue to stay there if this continues to happen? The hotel will be contacted with your complaint and asked to address the allegations in your complaint. As soon we receive a response from the hotel, you will be contacted. Keep in mind that we allow up to 20 business days for a business to respond to a complaint and keep in mind that that the business may respond by disputing the allegations in your complaint. In the next 24-48 hours, you will receive an email confirmation from us with your complaint id number.

I can be reached directly at if you have any questions or concerns.

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