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Across Country Movers

Date: 1/6/2022 12:50 PM (PST)

I cannot get in touch with the company that is shipping my household belongings.
They picked up my items 9/21/2021. Was to be stored for 45 days. Called 11/1/2021 to have items delivered. I have filed a complaint with FMCSA. I need help to get my items delivered. All calls go to voice mail, with no return calls.

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Date: 1/6/2022 4:20 PM (PST)

Hello Sharon. Thank you for your inquiry. You have took all the correct procedures in seeking a resolution. I can confirm we have received your complaint and it is currently being processed. In the next 24-48 hours you will receive an email confirmation from us that will include your complaint ID number for your records.

Hopefully, the complaint from the FMCSA and our office will persuade the company to contact you with status on when you can expect to receive your items.
We will contact you as soon as we have any complaint updates.

I can be reached directly at if you have additional questions or concerns.

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