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Auto title nor application for title recieved

Date: 2/6/2018 3:49 PM (PST)

I bought a used car from Fenton Nissan of Tiffany Springs on 1/2/18, the vehicle was totaled as of a few days later. No fault on me Farmers ins claimed 100 responsibility for their insured driver, regardless at this point I've made several attempts to get the title, however have been told and research that may be a void contract. I was told day of purchase I would get a call in 10/14 days. I went there 16th and the 31St of Jan. Farmers has been trying to pay the lien holder US bank, but they have not received the title either.. at this moment j have no car, laid off, no means to pursue work. Called dealership Feb 1st said they would call next day. Still no word, my visit to them on the 31st of Jan I was told they had title upstairs but they were waiting for the lien release. I don't see how this can be viewed as a sale with no title and existing lien, my car 2013 Mazda 3 was signed over to them on date of purchase 1/2/18 for the NISSAN ALTIMA 17' PLEASE HELP this is putting me in a financial hardship by not being able to look for work us bank says I have to pay for this month's first payment vehicle was never able to be registered without the title. Lawyer I have received consultations advised me they 3 separate all have the same conclusion that was not a valid contract and should not stand under Missouri state laws. I don't understand all the lawyer and or law of Missouri, no one has been able to help. My ins and his have never seen this.. they registered vehicle match 2017 issued to Fenton Nissan of Tiffany Springs.. So still at this time they are the owners but I'm being financially viewed as owner couldn't get a car at this time due to credit showing me as the responsible party.. I worked very hard to acquire outstanding credit however this has now caused anxiety resulting in complications from my disorder and the stress of not being able to seek job with no vehicle is now putting my house in jeopardy, not yet however but it will.. I've got all documents and sent certified letter to dealer per lawyer to ask to void contract since by there view of dealer not producing title and plus with the lien I never really owned that vehicle.. I don't know how to proceed with bank since farmers cannons issue any payoff but again believe the sale was not a sale at all.. Also the dealer never asked for any type of Income I was only asked what I make a year and it varies from week to week, us bank shows I put 30,000 a year but never said that I believe the finance Man put that down. However as I said please give me any info you can. Sorry for the long message but this is taking its toll on me and my significant other.. sincerely
Nicholas R Sparks

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Date: 2/7/2018 9:08 AM (PST)

Hello Nicholas. First off, I’m sorry to hear of your accident and of the issues that followed with Fenton Nissan. BCA offers complaint mediation services and we’re happy to contact Fenton Nissan on your behalf. We’ll make them aware of what your issues are with their dealership and hopefully reach a resolution that is amicable to both parties. Filing a complaint with BCA is fast, simple, and FREE:

Now if you’re unable to resolve the situation through complaint mediation, you should contact the Missouri Department of Revenue (“MDR”). The MDR handles complaints regarding motor vehicle dealers in the State of Missouri:

Please contact me directly at if I can be of further assistance.

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