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Bar restaurant stealing my money

Date: 9/19/2019 9:34 AM (PST)

I go to a bar restaurant I order food the bill is $9.42 they only give me $0.50 back I asked where is my other $0.08 they said it's their policy not to have nickels dimes and quarters in the cash register and it's only $0.08 get over it is that stealing I did not give them permission to keep the $0.08 nor was I told before purchase thank you very much hope to hear back

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Date: 9/19/2019 3:09 PM (PST)

Hello Daniel. You are entitled to receive your complete change back, no matter how small or insignificant the bar considers the amount. You can try asking to speak with the manager or owner; could be they are not aware. Other than that, you can post a review about your experience with the bar and make other patrons aware of the bar’s business practices. Keep in mind, as consumers we have the ability to choose what businesses get our hard earned dollars, so ask oneself, do you really want to continue to patronize a business that treats you this unfairly?

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