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Because of X'mas Holiday no street cleaning or dumptruck to collect garbage then why give parking ticket???

Date: 12/26/2018 1:30 PM (PST)

Why Hawthorne Officer 1369 Cobian gave parking ticket of $48.00 on Freeman. Due to X'mas Holiday there is NO street cleaning and garbage collection trucks.

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Date: 12/26/2018 2:24 PM (PST)

Hello Frank. Thank you for your question. I researched and per the Hawthorne Police Department website:, street sweeping holidays are Christmas Eve and Christmas Day and there is no enforcement on these days. For the full holiday schedule, click here:

If you believe you were wrongly given a parking ticket, you can challenge it. You would need to contact the Citation Processing Center. Click on Citation Search, and populate the required field:

For additional information or to speak with a live person, please call the Hawthorne Police Traffic Bureau at (310) 349-2701.

Frank, I hope this information is helpful. Please contact me directly at if I can be of further assistance.

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