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Business opportunity

Date: 12/8/2016 2:18 AM (PST)

I would like more information about your business. I am very interested. Thank you. John kupchack. Ps. I live in New Jersey

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Date: 12/8/2016 9:14 AM (PST)

Hello Jobn. Thank you for contacting BCA. Kups ‘R’ Us provides coffee cups to businesses as a form of advertising. Kups ‘R’ Us is a franchise opportunity by helping businesses in your area get their name on coffee cups in local restaurants and diners. Because this is a franchise opportunity, you want to make sure you understand fully what you are getting yourself into by asking key questions before you invest. Owning a franchise comes with costs, franchisor controls and contractual obligations. Below is a list of questions you should go over with the company beforehand, but further research should be done.

• How much money do you have to invest?
• Are you purchasing the franchise alone or with partners?
• Do you need financing?
• Does the franchise require technical experience or special training or education?
• Do you need a specific minimum annual income?
• Are you in this for the long term?

I have included a link to the Federal Trade Commission Franchise Rule, which contains in depth information to weigh the risks and benefits of such an investment:

Kups ‘R’ Us is AA rated with BCA and has no complaints. Here is the link to their report:

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