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Boston Foreign Motor
523 Cambridge Street
Allston, MA 02134

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Can I file a complain against a high end used car dealer for selling me a lemon car?

Date: 10/18/2019 8:51 AM (PST)

Boston Foreign Motor, 521-523 Cambridge Street Allston, MA 02134 has an ad online for a 2018 Q5 Audi SUV, that still has three years of the dealer's original warranty on. Because the car had low mileage and the dealer was close to my house in case of maintenance as my husband has ALS and I have to take care of him and work fulltime and take care of everything/problems. Wesley, the salesperson told me "the car is very clean and has low millage because it had one owner and was a buy-back car because he didn't have the time to follow up with the maintenance, but since then the motor was replaced and it has a brand new and everything is working great." We bought the car and beautiful works great but couple weeks into it the engine light came on April 1, 2019, I text the dealer, April 7 BFM, Wesly saying "I am afraid this is the same problem that the previous owner had." Wesly said, "No problem because your car Audi still under the companies warranty I made an appointment with Peabody Audi so you can take it to them to fix it." We drove 40 miles to Peabody, and a couple of days later called us to pick the car. Drove the car 2 days the engine light is back on. Txmessaged Boston Foreign Motor, Wesley that I need to return the car the engine light keeps coming back" their respond was "There is o return policy, I recommend to get the car back to Audi Peabody for them to have another good look at the car as they may have missed something" I told him " I don't think they missed something, the car has a bigger problem and I cannot drive a car that will keep failing inspection" they did not respond.

I have contacted the Audi of America Consumer Experience Advocate, Jessica G. at (1-800-822-2834) Audi | Luxury sedans, SUVs, convertibles, electric vehicles & more

after three months of back and forth, emails and phone calls they called me to say they are sorry my case is not eligible for a buy-back, all they can offer is give me 10 off on a new Audi car I buy from them!!

I drove my car only a couple of weeks since I bought it until today, October 18, 2019, my car is at Audi Peabody for the 4th time, a month or two each time and they can not fix the engine light. I have been driving Audi Peabody's loaner but afraid as I am stuck with a problem car, can't fix it, can't have an inspection sticker on, can't sell it to anyone and I don't know what to do. I am paying my monthly loan of $589/month for a car that I didn't drive, enjoy and can't sell.

As far as I am concern this is a typical "Lemon Law" case that neither Boston Foreign Motor, nor the Audi America wants to admit and correct their mistakes I have all the emails/text messages and pictures of the dashboard of the engine light off and on dates and time, that I can provide you when needed

Please, please help me.

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Date: 10/18/2019 11:22 AM (PST)

Hello Hilda. Yes, you can file a complaint against the dealer. We will contact the dealer and ask that they review and address the allegations in your complaint and the relief you’re seeking. We allow 21 business days for a company to respond:

Please understand that further action may be necessary so you should prepare yourself to escalate the complaint if needed. I also recommend familiarizing yourself with Massachusetts Lemon Laws to explore any other remedies you can pursue on top of any complaints you may file:

I can be reached directly at if you need further assistance.

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Date: 10/18/2019 11:44 AM (PST)

Thank you so much, Victor, I am ready to take it to end until I got justice. I just checked the Boston Foreign Motor's reviews on Yelp and they have 4 reviews 3/4 had the same problem with selling defected cars without any concern for the customer. They essentially said, you have warranty don't be concerned and didn't care about me how to drive the car or how to pass the annual inspection or how to sell the car.

Thank you again and if needed I have all the txt messages, emails and pictures of the dashboard and the dates of the engine light on and off.


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