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Can they take money out of my check?

Date: 11/8/2019 7:07 AM (PST)

Can an employer take money out of my check with out warning

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Date: 11/8/2019 9:03 AM (PST)

Hi Desiree. Good question. Your employer is only allowed to deduct things like takes, court ordered garnishments, and deductions you agree to, such as money taken out for health care. They may not decide to take other deductions from your check without you agreeing to them.

I am not sure what the circumstances are that you are experiencing, and BCA does not handle employment issues, however, there is help. Labor laws vary by state. Contact the state government ( for information about specific laws where you work. Here is a link to find your state's Department of Labor:

We wish you the best in resolving this matter. Thanks for your great question Desiree.

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