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Car Dealer

Date: 9/17/2017 10:36 PM (PST)

My 17yr old daughter bought a used car with no warranty one month ago. From the first day the check engine light came on, had it checked was told it was the gas cap. After driving it more found the power steering resivior was duct taped, the air cond. has never worked. Two nights ago while driving the the cv axle broke. She had to be towed and while looking at that found the motor mount was zip tied.
She saved along time to purchase her first vehicle to have it break down in the first month. We were told it had never been wrecked later to find it had been. We have contacted the company and they refuse to do any thing.
We know there is no warranty but in one month to find the company bold face lied and refuses to help in any way is un creditable. They knew what buying her first vehicle meant as we had a discussion about it. Just to be reassured there is nothing wrong with the car. They run the business out of there own home, they explained their office was re locating. They have a lady bring the vehicle to a common place and she stated it was her personal car and she worked for them and they were giving her another vehicle. I feel it was all a gimick and my daughter deserves something back. The company and the husband wife team and the errand lady are thieves and liars.
Is there anything that can be done? My daughter has lost her savings to a piece of crap that might have injured her had she been driving on a hi way when the car litteraly fell apart.
Any information would be appreciated.

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Date: 9/18/2017 10:27 AM (PST)

Debrae, thank you for contacting BCA. I’m sorry to hear of your experience. There are numerous red flags in your post to question the legitimacy of the company. everything from the company running the business from their home, to having someone drive the vehicle to a common place to sell your daughter the car. From the way this transaction was handled, it sounds more like a private sale, rather than a dealer sale. Was an adult present when your daughter purchased the vehicle? Do you know if a car report was requested on the vehicle? Did your daughter test drive the car? What paperwork was your daughter given regarding the sale of the vehicle? You should contact an attorney to discuss what can be done legally. I am including a link to our Resource Guides related to the auto industry which may help answer any questions you have:

If I can be of further assistance, please feel free to contact me directly at

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