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Car repair billing.

Date: 12/3/2018 1:59 PM (PST)

I purchased a used car it was in need of repairs, company repairs something but wasn't the problem, I was told by two different employees including manager of service told me don't worry about payment no payment for repairs. They have a sign posted in the office saying before repairs there is a $200 deposit. I was not charged or signed anything saying I owed for repairs or that I would pay for them. They gave me my keys I left now it's over a mth later and they deducted from my car payment $50 until I pay in full all without my knowledge. Remind you I filled a case with this company on them for not fixing the car because the engine light was on a day after purchase. It is still not fixed, light is Still on! Is this a legal charge on my account? If not what are my rights and options. I feel it is a way to get back at me for filing a dispute with this company, they gave me no notice of what they are doing to my account. Now this has caused my payment to be short, late and not paid in full.

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Date: 12/3/2018 3:16 PM (PST)

Hi Kendra. Thank you for using our services. Per my research, I see that you filed a complaint against AutoSmart through our office. The complaint did complete our process. However, because you still have unresolved issues with the company, you must now escalate the complaint. I am including a link to our Resource Guide on Used Cars. It covers everything from used car warranties to "As Is" sales:
I recommend you review the guide. The guide does pertain to California law, but it should assist you in determining if your next course of action should be taking the company to Small Claims Court. To enforce dealer responsibility for repair, you would have to file an action in Small Claims Court. I understand that Used Car state laws can be complex, so speaking with an experienced attorney that specializes in auto-fraud, is a good idea.

Please contact me directly at if I can be of further assistance.

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