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Cell phone company promised me a refund on a talk/phone card. Never received it!!

Date: 12/4/2013 9:08 PM (PST)

I purchased a Tracfone Wireless phone & a $50 phone/talk card. The phone didn't work so I returned it to K-Mart where I bought it. I was advised by K-Mart to contact Tracfone Wireless in order to get a refund on the talk/phone card. I contacted them immediately and was given precise instructions on how to go about returning the phone card & receipt. I sent it certified mail with receipt and was given a ticket number the day my mail arrived to Tracfone headquarters in Florida. I was promised I'd get my refund by 7-24-2013. Never got it. I have dealt endlessly with their customer service dept. and spoke with a couple managers who did nothing more than tell me to call back and speak with another manager!! I sent them a couple complaint emails and their response was a generic form letter telling me to call the very same number I'd been calling for HELP. Has anyone dealt with such a situation? And if so, would you kindly advise me? I so appreciate your help in this stressful situation!! Karen

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Date: 12/5/2013 8:59 AM (PST)

Karen, We would like to help. Please email me your contact information at so we may set up a phone mediation and perhaps resolve your dispute.

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