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Concerns of a possible realestate educational scam

Date: 11/11/2018 3:01 PM (PST)

Their is an educational program called Response out of Utah sponsored a workdhop in my town on how to become an investor which cost over 41k. My suspicion was it is a scam. Yes I am one those who may have been scammed. They took my money. After the second workshop they left me high and dry. Lots of promises and no follow through. I was promised a mentor of which I did not get. They promised I would get real estate contracts with help, I did not received. Please help me find more info about this software business.

Thank you, Janice

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Date: 11/13/2018 2:19 PM (PST)

Good Afternoon Janice. Thank you for contacting Business Consumer Alliance. I was unfamiliar with the company name. I searched our files and researched the internet to see what I could find out about Response and learned that they provide real estate investment seminars. Their type of business alone would give me reason to proceed with caution. When considering attending a seminar there are things to look out for that can help you from becoming the victim of a scam.

• Be leery of a company that heavily promotes and or advertises a celebrity endorsement. In most cases, the celebrity involvement is minimal or non-existent.
• Avoid companies that promise immediate results and make outrageous guarantees of getting rich quick. Yes, real estate is a sound investment, but returns on your investment will depend on a variety of market factors and a healthy return on your investment is realistically in the long term.
• Beware of a company that spends a majority of the seminar trying to upsell you on an advanced course that is a lot more expensive. This includes high pressure sales tactics to sign up for the advanced course right then and there.
• Google search the company name and see what other consumers like yourself are saying about the company.

BCA has received one complaint against the company earlier this year. I am including a link to their BCA Reputation Report, which includes complaint experience: Further, when conducting my Google search of the company online, I did find some negative reviews posted about Response, so I encourage you to do a Google search as well.

I would like to give you the opportunity to file a complaint against Response through our website. We’re happy to contact them and ask that they address the allegations presented in your complaint. As soon as we hear from them, you will be contacted. Further action on your part may be necessary, but the complaint goes on record and we charge no fee to file a complaint:

Please feel free to contact me directly at if I can be of further assistance.

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