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Found out a dealer altered the real milages in a car sold to a friend

Date: 1/3/2018 5:17 PM (PST)

Is it possible to file a complaint against such dealer regarding the altered miles in the vehicle sold and other issues with the car sold as my friend feels they lied about the conditions of the car? She has spent thousands of dollars in repairs.

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Date: 1/4/2018 8:36 AM (PST)

Good Morning. There are a couple of things your friend should do. Yes, she can file a complaint with BCA. We will contact the company with the allegations in the complaint and ask that they address:

Secondly, in the State of Florida, the Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles provides Floridians with resources of where to go in the State of Florida regarding issues with a dealer, including odometer fraud:
I recommend your friend review her sales contract. What recourse she will have will depend on several factors such as: Was the car purchased with a warranty or in AS IS condition? How long ago was the vehicle purchased? Does she have a record of the repairs done to the vehicle and receipts to prove how much she has spent in repairs?

I’m including a link to our Resource Guide on used car warranties and “As Is” sales. Although the guide pertains to laws in California, it contains tips and information that all consumers should find helpful:

I hope you have found this information helpful. Please feel free to contact me directly at if I can be of further assistance.

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Date: 1/4/2018 11:45 AM (PST)

Yes, indeed, this helps a lot. Thanks for your prompt response. I did file a complaint in California when I purchased a car as it over there and I got my money back because the car was supposed to be in good running conditions. They cheated me and it ended with an apology from the dealer, etc. I received two checks one from the dealer and the other with the financial institution, so when I call the bank they told me to cash theirs and returned the dealer check. Blessings to you all!!!

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