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getting paid to wrap vehicle

Date: 9/4/2020 8:39 PM (PST)

I was paid $1900 with a check to pay myself and to pay the wrapper to wrap my vehicle. the check comes from a legit business but its a fuel pump auto parts place. DO YOU THINK ITS A SCAM ?? I MEAN WHY WOULD I TAKE CARE OF THE VEHICLE BEING WRAPPED ??? ITS A ADVERTISEMENT FOR RC COLA

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Date: 9/10/2020 8:54 AM (PST)

Hello Colleen thank you for your question. You should proceed with caution when dealing with businesses offering car wrap opportunities. These offers usually entice you with their offer of making fast extra money by simply driving your vehicle wrapped in a well-known product. If you accept, they send you a check to deposit into your bank account and you are then instructed to use some of that money so someone can put the ads on your car. Unfortunately, the deposited check is a fake.

If this sounds anything like the offer you are considering, please proceed with caution. Like that old adage, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

I can be reached directly at if you have additional questions or concerns.

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Date: 11/30/2020 5:43 PM (PST)

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