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Global Cash Card

Date: 11/22/2019 7:37 PM (PST)

Ive been with GLOBALCashCard for awhile now and end up losing my wallet on the 20 of this month and since then ive had numerous unauthorized transactions put on my account that i did not authorize i have called and tried to explain to them about my issue and then they are really rude and tell me its my fault that theses charges got put on my account and they put suspicious activity in my account making me feel like a Criminal for explaining my issue i have called over 10 times asking to speak with a Manager in hopes in getting my voice heard with out judgement from the REP. So i quess my question is how do i get through to the Manager or anyone with out them turning things around on me making it as though its my missing almost 1500 in unauthorized charges and i think they are not wanting to reimburse me the money but i really thought that they had insurance for that idk??? Please help me find the right way in going about this so that 1 i can get back whats been stolen and 2 how to do it where they will listen... Pls help anyone with any information

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Date: 11/25/2019 12:21 PM (PST)

Thank you James for contacting us. Global Cash Card was contacted with your rebuttal on 11/22 and as soon as we receive their final response you will be contacted. If further action is necessary, please consider contacting the California Department of Consumer Affairs:

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