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Hired a tax relief company and they took my money and lied about my status with IRS

Date: 9/19/2018 6:16 PM (PST)

How can I fight Tax Defense Network on at least reimbursing my money I invested in them? They said my debt to the IRS was in a uncollectable state. After paying them 3500.00 Only to find out after almost a year and a half or longer they had no contact with the iRS and I All that time I thought that issue was solved , I find out that my house is getting ready to be levied. Can you help with this?

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Date: 9/20/2018 10:00 AM (PST)

Good Morning. Thank you for contacting our office. We will be contacting you directly to answer your questions regarding this post and the one you submitted prior. Regarding Tax Defense Network, you do have the option of filing a consumer complaint against their business. We’ll contact them with the allegations in your complaint and ask that they address. As soon as we hear back from their company, you will be contacted. Further action may be necessary, but filing a complaint is a good first step. To file a complaint against Tax Defense Network, click on this link:

Thank you again for contacting our office. We will be contacting you directly to discuss further. Please contact me directly at if you have any questions.

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