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How can a contractor walk away from a project when he has been paid in full

Date: 5/8/2020 6:24 PM (PST)

How can I report a contractor who has not completed my house but has received fulled payment? He told me that he would pay whoever I choose to complete my house but when I gave him the price he stated that it was to high and that he was not paying it. What do I do?

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Date: 5/12/2020 8:43 AM (PST)

Hello Lynda. Thank you for your question. In your post, you say the contractor walked away from a project after he was paid in full and that he stated he would pay whomever you chose to complete the work, but now will not do it. Can you tell me if this was a verbal agreement or was this something put down on paper? Do you know if he is a licensed contractor? I recommend that you check his credentials. In Georgia, the regulatory agency for contractors is the State Licensing Board for Residential and General Contractors:

When dealing with a contractor, It’s recommended they be paid 10-20 percent upfront and the rest afterwards. A contractor should never be paid in full upfront or before the job is completed.
Vetting the company is extremely important. Verify credentials before you hire anyone. If you’re unsure about whether or not licensing is required, check with your county or state officials.
Ask the contractor for references that you can verify. Google their name, make phone calls, etc.
Vetting a company thoroughly can help prevent unfortunate circumstances in the future.

Lynda, you also have the option of filing a complaint with BCA. We will contact the company for you and ask that address the allegations in your complaint and your proposed resolution. As soon as we hear from the company, you will be contacted. Further action is sometimes necessary, but we will make the attempt to assist you. Filing a complaint with BCA is quick, easy and FREE:

I hope this information is helpful. Please contact me directly at if I can be of further assistance.

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