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Bluestem Brands, Inc.
7075 Flying Cloud Drive
Eden Prairie, MN 55344-3532

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How can certain companies give you the run around?

Date: 6/11/2019 9:02 AM (PST)

I placed and order with Fingerhut 3 weeks ago and made a down payment on my items over the phone. They shipped my items out but then had them returned back to them for no reason so I just called Fingerhut and asked them could I reorder the items and the lady told me that she had to send me a check of the amount I made with the down payment then I could make a new order I never had that problem with Fingerhut before. All customer service do is lie and I feel like my down payment should be returned to me the same way I sent it to them back on my card but it’s ok I will not be dealing with Fingerhut again they have very poor Customer Service that don’t know what they are doing. They need to go back in training

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Date: 6/11/2019 10:01 AM (PST)

Good Morning Patricia. I’m sorry to hear of your experience with FingerHut. When you contacted their customer service department, they should have been able to provide you with a valid reason as to why the order was cancelled. It could be that possibly the items were out of stock or no longer available, but it’s pure speculation at this point. I checked their website, and they have an FAQ page that answers some of their most frequently asked questions:

FingerHut Customer Service Contact Us:

I see that you filed a complaint on our website against Fingerhut. As soon as we receive a response from FingerHut you will be contacted.

Thank you for sharing your experience with FingerHut with our readers.

I can be reached at if I can be of further assistance.

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Date: 6/18/2019 9:00 AM (PST)

Thank you for your response Victor but I have been with Fingerhut for two years and I really enjoyed doing business with them but they must be under new management because I never had a problem with them and they shipped my items out to me and then recalled the orders to be sent back to their company why I don’t know. I had made a deposit on my order and when I called Fingerhut back to see what happened they just gave me the room around

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