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How can I get my 2500.00 down payment back?

Date: 10/11/2018 3:29 AM (PST)

Bought a faulty car Crown management services Inc Charlotte. Serious repairs ignored. Owner notified. Company sales persons notified. Me the customer still paying payments. Requested refund no response. On going problems. I teach school. Need a car to attend work. Car smells, water keeps getting in aweful smell, air conditioner not working possible mold and mildew on carpet. This is affecting my health.Horn was filled with water, window was off track,all this to begin with,and the smell. Co. Owner Daryl Jackson only one that can authorize my refund is ignoring the issue. His sales persons are in agreement that I need to get my money backs.Co.Taking advantage low credit score persons. Worst car buying experience. Public stay away from Crown Auto Sales. Car has been in this company's repair 5 times. Repairs still not done. Just purchased this car in September 2018. Company and owner keeps giving me the run around. This car is affecting my health as I am breathing in these fumes from the wet carpet that has been this way since purchase.How can you get this company to give me my 2500.00 ?To Mr. Daryl Jackson I say,would you allow your family membet to go through this ? I need my money,immediately so I can get a car?I have been told by the company if I do not pay,they'll take the car and I'll be without my money and no transportation. Please help me.I warn car buyers, this company does not stand behind these faulty, in serious need of repairs cars.Do not be a victim like me. This man should be embarrassed that my situation has Benn and still is being ignored. Give me my money and stop the rip offs Mr. Jackson. Your company also charges outrageous interest rates me alone 3,00.00 Be honest I work to educate children and struggle to get there in your I'll repaired smelly vehicle. This situation makes owners of businesses,of color look,untrustworthy,.Do the right thing by me, Natalie Johnson

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Date: 10/11/2018 9:56 AM (PST)

Good Morning Natalie. Thank you for contacting BCA. I can confirm that we have received your complaint against Crown Management and it is currently in line to be processed. Within the next 24-48 hours you will receive an email from us that will include your complaint ID number.

Crown Management will be asked to address the allegations in your complaint and will also be presented with your proposed resolution. The entire complaint process can take up to 20 business days. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee a positive resolution. Further action may be necessary, but filing a complaint is a good first step. I did some research and in the State of North Carolina, complaints against an auto dealer can be filed with the North Carolina Attorney’s General’s office. For your convenience, I am including a link to their complaint form: I highly recommend you file a complaint thru their office as well.

Please contact me directly at if I can be of further assistance.

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