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How do i get them to pay for the impound fees adding up due to their contractored labor n employees

Date: 7/8/2020 5:04 PM (PST)

Ihad my truck n rv. Impounded for.being parked on private property while i was waiting on the tow company i hired that parked it thete saying they hadnverbsl permission to do so and didnt have or had it with the wrong person. To return and tow them to the destination. Requested but said they couldnt becsuse they couldnt get verbal ok when tow ed earlier but now was open. But after giving me the. Verbal response that trucks were in route to temove and retow them they never showed up .leading to the impounding of both.

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Date: 7/10/2020 3:55 PM (PST)

Hello Barbara. I see that you have already filed a complaint with our office. I checked the status, and so far there has been no response from the towing company. In the event the company fails to issue a response, please escalate the complaint to the California Department of Consumer Affairs. They may be able to offer additional assistance:

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