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Financial Asset Security Team, LLC
9227 Haven Avenue Suite 350
Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730

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How do you deal with Financial Asset Security Team LLC

Date: 6/9/2013 3:08 PM (PST)

Old debt from 2007, Im getting calls at work, talking to bosses about wage garnishment. They threaten and are aggressive. How doI deal with these people?

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Date: 6/11/2013 10:06 AM (PST)

Letitia, I reviewed this company's BCA report and the complaints on file allege they make threats and contact employers, while failing to substantiate the debt to the complainants and have never responded to any of the complaints on file, hence their F rating. Check out the complaints!

Sometimes collection agencies try to "re-age" an old debt by changing the date of first delinquency and therefore causing it to exceed the statute of limitations on your credit report.(please note some debts have different statue of limitation expirations eg. Tax liens, Perkins loans, bankruptcy..etc) Therefore anytime you are contacted by a collection agency and it's either an old debt or a debt your unsure of, you have the right to request the collection company to substantiate the debt to ensure it is infact your debt and is not re aged. For more detailed information about collection agencies and Federal Trade Commisions regulations, checkout BCA's link

0 Reviews

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