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Mia Bambina Boutique
2-62 Alness Street
Toronto, ON L4J 8M7

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How to delete my company from from this site?

Date: 4/17/2022 11:32 AM (PST)

Honestly, I see the company’s like this mostly acting like a place for sharing some negative experiences, even if you have one thousand happy customers and one or two left not enough satisfied, they will come here to share their complaints and screw down companies reputation.
I am requesting to delete my business from Business Consumer Alliance at all! Please let me know what should I do to get it done

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Date: 4/18/2022 8:38 AM (PST)

Hi Elena,
BCA is a national reporting agency that provides millions of reports a year. Our reports are dynamic and informative which includes the rating, industry trends, complaint experience, and reviews to provide the public a robust perspective about the business they are inquiring about. Our comprehensive reports prove invaluable to both businesses and consumers alike when searching for reputable and reliable companies. As you know, consumer reviews and complaints play an important role in the decision-making process on whether or not to do business with a company in addition to the other reliable information we provide in our reports to the public.

BCA's publication of reports, complaints and ratings are protected by the First Amendment to the Constitution, the Communications Decency Act, and various statutory privileges under California law. These protections are not dependent upon obtaining permission and we don't restrict our reporting to those companies that give their consent. Our reporting is subject to the same constitutional and state law protections that exist for newspapers, magazines, television, and a myriad of other sites like Yelp, Trust Pilot, and Consumer Affairs that publish reviews and ascribe ratings to businesses. These sites are able to list your company information for the same reason. The Communication Decency Act, a federal law, goes even further and gives immunity for publication of this kind of material.

Business Consumer Alliance (BCA) provides thousands of comprehensive reports nationwide to the public about businesses which includes the rating, industry trends, complaint experience, responses, and reviews among other factors. The broad purpose of BCA is to promote business self regulation. All businesses have the opportunity to respond to any complaint or review we receive. Businesses are encouraged to have their customers and clients to leave reviews about the business so others are aware of their experience. We respectfully deny your request to remove any company report. If you would like to respond to the complaint on file for your business, or there is anything regarding your report that is inaccurate that you would like to discuss please contact us at

Thank you for contacting us.

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