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Sears - Corporate Headquarters
3333 Beverly Road B6-258b
Hoffman Estates, IL 60179

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Husband’s pension and death benefits

Date: 1/3/2020 3:08 PM (PST)

I have tried very getting sears holdings to get the pension since June 2018. The also want to know why I didn't receive funeral benefits. For the past year they put my husband Charles in the trash heap. They denied him fmla and short term benefit. They are the reason he is dead. The last he went for surgery and being wheeled to the or when someone came running saying that insurance won't cover it. The love of my life died very soon after. He worked for those b*****ds 31 years. Is there anything you help with? I will lawyer's fees

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Date: 1/6/2020 11:09 AM (PST)

Hello Pamela. First of all my condolences for the loss of your husband. Dealing with the loss of a loved one is hard enough, and taking on the task of settling their affairs can be just as difficult.

Have you been in communication with the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation? I’m asking because they took responsibility as trustee for Sears Holding Corporation’s two defined benefit pension plans. They can be reached by telephone at 1-800-953-5390, M-F, 8:00 AM-6:00 PM, CT. On their website, they have an FAQ page that answers some of the most frequently asked questions regarding Sears Holdings Corporation Pension Plans by Participants:

I hope this information is helpful and wish you the best of luck moving forward.

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