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I am not happy with the response i received from complaint.

Date: 3/12/2022 3:37 PM (PST)

I am not happy with the response i received from complaint.
New Rez Mortgage. The same person of the Department I am filing the complaint on is the same person that has been responding to the initial complaint. I do not feel i will get a fair and impartial decision. I would like to see it escalated to the next chain of command in the compliance department.

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Date: 3/16/2022 1:51 PM (PST)

Tom, the next step in our complaint process is a rebuttal from you. The rebuttal should state the reason(s) you are not satisfied with the response from the business. We will then re-contact the company with your rebuttal. In the event you’re still not satisfied with the company’s follow-up to your complaint, then escalating your complaint to a higher authority would be your next step. If you already contacted the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, being that the company is in South Carolina, the South Carolina Dept. of Consumer Affairs should also be contacted:

Please feel free to send your rebuttal to for processing.

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