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I bought a product that no one will help me with

Date: 3/5/2019 7:09 PM (PST)

My dad bought two apple app iTunes gift cards from Walmart and they had done been used when we went to make sure they were ready to use the backs were never even scratched tell they had me scratch them to send a picture to verfiy them and neither of them will give the money back they show we’re and who spent them it’s someone in a diffrent language not even English but yet they tell me Walmart is who owes the money and then walmart says it’s not on them once they leave the store what should I do to get my dads money back that’s so wrong someone should have to fix it but who please help us thanks for your time

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Date: 3/6/2019 9:08 AM (PST)

Good Morning Brittany. Thank you for contacting Business Consumer Alliance (BCA). We have received your complaint and it is currently being processed. In the next 24-48 hours you will receive an email from us that will contain your complaint ID number. Walmart will be contacted and presented with your complaint allegations an proposed resolution. As soon as we hear back from Walmart, you will be contacted.

If you have not done so, I would contact Apple Support about the issue with the gift cards. Please call 800-275-2273 and say “gift cards” when prompted. You can also contact Apple Support by email at: Further action may be necessary, such as contacting the Federal Trade Commission (FTC):

Apple Support can provide assistance, however, you may still need to contact the retailer the card was originally purchased from.

When contacting Apple Support because you can’t redeem your card or code: please be prepared to provide:

• An image of the full front and back of your card
• A sales receipt showing when your card was purchased
• The serial number from your card. The serial number is not the same thing as the 16-digit PIN code.

Thank you again Brittany for contacting BCA. Please feel free to contact me directly at if I can be of further assistance.

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