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I keep getting a disturbing voice mail on my cellphone. What to do?

Date: 5/13/2019 12:07 PM (PST)

I keep getting a distrubing voice mail on my cellphone from cell phone #717-438-2303 It says it from Ickeburg, PA
The Transcription Beta left record
"I want you to return the call as soon as possible as__has filed a lawsuit against your name the local county sheriff are going to arrest you for four serious allegations before this matter goes to the courthouse and__________your bank account and suspend your Social Security number and get you arrested for more information regarding this case you can get that to us at 717-438-23-3. Make sure you give us a call back before you get arrested.

I am a senior citizen and don't understand why someone would leave me a message like this.

Can some one let me know what steps I should take.


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Date: 5/14/2019 9:36 AM (PST)

Geraldine, this is a scam. The way the scam works is you get a phone call telling you there is a warrant for your arrest and that you will be arrested immediately unless you send money through wire transfer or with a gift card. The police, the IRS, the Social Security office will never call you making these demands. Do not engage with the caller and never give your credit or debit card number or bank account information to a complete stranger over the phone. If you’re uncertain about the validity of the phone call, contact Business Consumer Alliance and we’ll help you determine if the call is legitimate. Our customer service is open Monday- Friday, 8 am-3 pm PST. Our phone number is (909)825-7280.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have additional questions or concerns. I can be reached directly at

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