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Is it right for net spend to keep me on hold all day and not answer my calls .

Date: 4/17/2020 6:41 PM (PST)

Ok for this entire week of trying to get ahold of this company hours on end hang ups. Doing the same process day after day after day. Press 1 for complaints, press 2 if you want to change your PIN number , press 3 if you want to check your balance on and on it don't matter how long you're on hold. Also Monday ,& Tuesday it was a busy signal all day. I'm to the point of wanting to file charges. My IRS refund & my stimulus package has been sent to this account. I have bills , I have goals but these ppl have access to my money but I don't. I can't do nothing about it because they have workers there but the only voice I get is an automated one. They clearly state they are open fro 8 am to 5 pm . Before the carina virus they were open 24 hours a day . I want to hire an attorney do you have any recommendations. My tax man tracked my taxes down they are at net spend. I am totally fed up with this company if you do the sewing then sign me up . If not I'm emailing a few as we speak. I want my money. Please contact me. I have witnesses to everything I'm describing to you. Very up set client . They even have me in the negative.5. Now that some s**t right there.

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Date: 4/22/2020 12:53 PM (PST)

Hello LeAnn. I’m sorry to hear of your experience with NetSpend. Unfortunately, they have accumulated a number of complaints filed with our office. I am including a link to their company report here: On the report we provide complaint closing statistics. If you click on View Complaints, you’re able to see the types of complaints our office has received and how NetSpend responded.

We processed your complaint against NetSpend on 04/17 and currently we are awaiting their response. Please note that we allow 21 business days for a company to respond to a complaint. We will notify you as soon as we hear from Netspend.

Netspend Corporate is in Austin, Texas. In addition to the complaint you filed with our office, I recommend that you file a complaint with the Texas Consumer Protection Division through the Texas Attorney General’s office: It’s important to have a back-up plan ready in case you need to pursue further action against the company.

I hope this information is helpful. I can be reached directly at if you have additional questions or concerns.

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