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Is this ellegal are is there something the board of health can do about this matter

Date: 4/20/2018 9:17 AM (PST)

Is it illegal to get paid in cash and not checks? Also this store is selling cigarettes out of the packs and I have also seen where they make ice cups by hand I just don't think that this is a very sanitized way to do it so I just don't by them. I have picked up items that were candy and even can goods that are out dated some have dust on them I just think there's something someone can do.

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Date: 4/20/2018 11:45 AM (PST)

Hi Annaalesia, thank you for utilizing out Ask the Experts form. It may not be illegal to pay employees cash, but any company doing so is taking a risk when doing so. A company is required to report all wages to the IRS, including those that are paid in cash. If a worker is paid in cash, the company is still required to pay payroll taxes. Not doing so means you are being paid “under the table” which is illegal.

As for the store selling cigarettes out of the pack, it is illegal under Federal Law to sell products in amounts smaller than the “smallest package distributed by the manufacturer for individual consumer use”. This applies to anyone who sells tobacco and is commonly referred to as a ban on selling “loosies” or a single cigarette out of the pack. Depending on the state, county and city you are in and if they license the retailers, the store could be violating state/municipal law as well.

You could contact your local health department to report the handling of the ice cups and for the out dated goods being sold in the store.
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