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Landlord discrimination

Date: 7/23/2022 12:06 PM (PST)

I feel like my landlord is discriminating against me for something that happened 3 years ago and he's been very rude to me ever since. My wife and I are both on disability and told this to the former landlord he said would not raise the rent but he raised the rent anyway and then he sells the property. After he sold the property. A new landlord bought the property and he raised the rent to another 100. The problem I have with that is didn't raise the rent with other tenants but us. Can the landlord get in trouble?

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Date: 7/25/2022 3:41 PM (PST)

Hello William. I’m sorry to hear of the issues your having with your landlords past and present. Please contact the housing authority governing your city or county. Their office is familiar with the most up-to-date laws protecting tenants in your area and the steps you need to take to resolve. Our office does not handle tenant/landlord disputes and disputes of this nature are best handled by the housing authority.

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