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lost personal property under their possesiion

Date: 7/29/2019 12:10 PM (PST)

towed for non payment for 1 month and send my car to auction lot without informing me and started to sell the parts to the people and paying 2700 to redeem my car to make me so shock it's empty my stuff sone parts are missing in the engine so won't able to start drip even 3 hrs just go redeem for only 700 loan this is a nightmare and keep coming back to ER due to stress situation can they sell your car parts without knowing you even thou you keep doing communication to finova finance,and send to adessa Los angeles and now from bbbb indiana whose assisting for par north america said that this complain is not under on bbb and they closed the case how can i just bring back all items that's gone in my car,gucci eye rx, lv sneaker ,camera tiny accessories stereo and groceries and some parts of my engine that's gone .now what kind led of claim under bbb can help me out thank you

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Date: 7/29/2019 2:24 PM (PST)

Hello Liberty. Thank you for your contacting Business Consumer Alliance. Repossession laws vary state to state, so you should contact your state Attorney General’s office for the repossession law governing your state. I also recommend reviewing your loan documents to review the fine print regarding repossession and what their policy is regarding returning property left inside the vehicle; their policy regarding fixtures such as improvements or customizations made to the car; and if there are any fees involved in storing or returning the property. The loan document should also state the time period allowed for you to make arrangements to get your property back.

Now if the creditor will not cooperate with you or is ignoring your requests, then you should file a complaint. For the record, we have processed your complaint against Finova Financial and have reached out to the company. Keep in mind that we allow up to 20 business days for a company to reply. Unfortunately, further action is sometimes necessary and that may include filing a complaint with your State Attorney General’s office as well. We will contact you as soon as we see that your complaint has generated activity that requires your attention.

I can be reached directly at if you need further assistance.

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