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more than one complaint filed

Date: 1/10/2017 10:39 PM (PST)

I cannot seem to find the second complaint I filed

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Date: 1/11/2017 9:03 AM (PST)

Good Morning Mary. Thank you for using our Ask The Experts forum. I have researched your inquiry and came across the complaint you filed against Neptune's Lagoon. First of all, thank you for sharing and bringing your concerns to our attention. Unfortunately, the allegations you made in your complaint against the company are outside our scope of activities, and not reported to the public. We also do not request companies to reward compensation. The allegations you have made against the company require investigation and we do not offer investigative services. As a courtesy to you, we have forwarded your complaint to the company for review and should they issue a response we will forward it to you. So at the very least the company is made aware of your concerns.

Mary, thank you again for using our services and I would like to let you know about a new program developed exclusively for consumers called the Consumer Ally program. It was made for a community of consumers who share our mission of protecting people like you from being scammed by promoting first-rate business practices and warning other of scams. It's free to sign up, which you can do here: You can contact me at if you have any questions. Thank you.

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