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My moms car which is still being held for 1 year an 6 months illegally

Date: 7/19/2019 7:47 AM (PST)

This is crazy my mom and I recently lose my father he passdd away 2 /21/17 he has held the BMW 325 CI .And is aware of our hardships due to my dad and passing we lost our house everything but where now back on our feet and found out from Tempe police he can’t hold the car at all he never did work on it , he’s hold it on 3 years old balence and says 1500 the receipt of work done is 705.71 and where still paying for the car every month we have to we can’t afford to have a repossession is that what he’s trying to make happen. It’s cold heartless n jsut wrong please give me any advice that could help my moms 65 has her knee replacement coming up we need the car now and we told him we don’t have much money cuz where litteraly had our hole life flip upside down ...we will sign any promise to pay contract we never even knew the car hadn’t got paid 3 years ago we had located to California for sometime I had the BMW towed there cuz it was a good experience before and if I was truly how he said I was trying to rip him off wouldn’t I be the world stupidest thief in the world yes Wright bad check the go back again and what do it evey year or something it simply not the way it was I’m not a stupid bad check wrigter but he’s definitely looking like the stealer and it shouldn’t have to go any further then this .. can you help me with what I may be missing or direct me to someone or file a smalll claims suit can’t be the only way ... I gotta work I can’t take off for the next 3 months please help us ... thanks Alex

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Date: 7/22/2019 8:46 AM (PST)

Good Morning Alexander. Your complaint against Sun Valley Imports has been processed. As soon as we receive a response from their company, you will be contacted. Keep in mind that further action may be necessary, so you should always prepare yourself to take the next step, such as legal action.

You will be contacted as soon as we see that your complaint has generated activity that requires your attention.

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