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My question is how long do I give them to respond back to me?

Date: 8/27/2022 1:15 PM (PST)

A company recommended and sold me a product that ruined a structure on my property ($27,000). It was decided by 4 experts the company retained that the structure is not salvageable and therefore must be removed and replaced.

I had been dealing with local Management for over 2 months. The issue was finally moved up to their Corporate Law Department. I received a letter on August 5 from an attorney from their Litigation Counsel. I was asked me for receipts, contracts, replacement costs, etc. I responded with all documentation on August 10.

My question is how long do I give them to respond back to me? It's going on 2 weeks. They acknowledge they were in the wrong but it's going on 3 months.

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Date: 8/29/2022 3:15 PM (PST)

Hello Jen. Thank you for your question. I suggest reaching out to the attorney that contacted you from their legal counsel. In your correspondence advise that it is approaching three months and you want an update as to when you can expect to receive a report of their findings. I’m thinking that since you provided documentation for their review, they will most likely need more than a few weeks time to complete their investigation.

Generally speaking, simple complaints that require no investigation can generally be resolved in 1-2 weeks. More complex complaints that do require investigation, can take upwards of 30 days or longer. If the attorney fails to provide an update, it may be in your best interest to seek legal counsel yourself.

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Date: 8/29/2022 3:29 PM (PST)

Is this something BCA can help me with if I don't get a response? I do not have funds for attorney.
Thank you

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