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Negligence in receiving Title Car impounded 6 months later no title lost vehicle/$12,268.74and.

Date: 7/23/2019 1:42 PM (PST)

Lived 55 yrs of my life in CA. Last 2 1/2 homeless. When finally received Disability Settlement I was gonna buy me a car and move to Ohio ASAP. Which I did. So now that I no longer live in CA it is my understanding I lose. Cause I can't afford to go to CA, it would mean not paying my bills and back on the streets of OC. I lost my vehicle and can't even afford or have money extra to save.
I have everything I feel necessary but so far no help. Honestly on Disability for severe depression and anxiety. I don't understand how this is happening. And tired and mad cause all I can do is sit and cry. Stuck in home. No buses 4 miles to closet store. Have to wait until my one neighbor goes and asks if i want to go. I don't deserve this, it is so wrong. So question will you help me or also tell me sorry nothing you can do. I pray not.

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Date: 7/24/2019 8:41 AM (PST)

Hello Donna. I’m sorry to hear of your current circumstance. I suggest contacting the City of Cleveland for assistance. Most US cities have programs in place to assist citizens when they have fallen on hard times, and Cleveland is no exception. The Cleveland, Ohio Homeless Shelters and Supportive Housing offers shelter listings for homeless and low-income individuals. They also have links to other resources available in their city: I also suggest contacting the Cuyahoga County Job and Family Assistance. There are many programs and services available on their website from child services to Medicaid to Supplemental Food Assistance Program and more:

I hope this information is helpful. I’m confident you’ll find the assistance you’re seeking. Business Consumer Alliance wishes you the best of luck.

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