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No problem just a question

Date: 8/19/2022 11:04 AM (PST)

I've filed my complaint. However, I have proof of the issue that I'm having with this person if it would be helpful to you. I would like to settle this in a timely manner if possible.

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Date: 8/22/2022 11:07 AM (PST)

Hello Kristy. Any additional complaint information can be sent to In the subject line please reference the complaint number so we'll know the complaint ID number to attach the additional complaint information to.
I also strongly recommend filing a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission ("FTC"). The FTC accepts complaints of fraud, scams, and bad business practices. Their office may be able to offer additional assistance:

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Date: 8/22/2022 11:26 AM (PST)

Thank you so much Victor. I filed a complaint with them already but I will get in touch with them again. Please be aware there will be ALOT of proof coming your way.

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