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Columbus Springs East
2085 Citygate Drive
Columbus, OH 43219

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No response to complaint

Date: 9/27/2018 5:40 PM (PST)

I have a complaint against Columbus Springs east. They have responded in weeks. No credit was given or any response. The worst part of my complaint is I have insurance and they are in my network. I should've only paid $50 and was charged $150.
I don't understand any of this. I have a mental illness and they make it worse by not being honest and fair. They write about helping with suicide but what they don't say is the pressure they chase too

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Date: 9/28/2018 8:46 AM (PST)

Good Morning Wendy. I researched your complaint and currently the company is still within their time frame to respond. We allow twenty business days for a company to reply. Please take into consideration that matters involving insurance and billing are always time consuming and frustrating, and are matters that usually take longer for a company to address. We will contact you as soon as we see that your complaint has generated activity and needs your attention. Thank you for contacting us.

1 Reviews

2 Answers

Date: 10/23/2018 3:35 PM (PST)


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