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Auto Max Preowned Vehicles
525 Don Knotts Blvd.
Morgantown, WV 26501

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Date: 7/2/2022 9:20 AM (PST)

How do I go about in getting ready a full statement of what they done an why has everything they told me verbally like scoring the pipe after flex plate was either taken out or put it. They have said it's there fault they would work with me verbally but nothing is in the invoices

I submitted a complaint the got ahold of me. Nothing makes sense not even invoices. They suggested buy a motor an we will install 4 free

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0 Reviews

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Date: 7/2/2022 9:21 AM (PST)

I meant to say a summary from them after each repair

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Date: 7/5/2022 3:13 PM (PST)

Hello Anna. Thank you for contacting us. I’m sorry that the company’s response did not provide the answers you are looking for. I know how frustrating that can be. We can still reach out to the company and ask that they clarify or go over any invoices that left you with more questions than answers. The next step in our complaint process is a rebuttal from you. In your rebuttal, please point out what you feel the company failed to address properly and we’ll back in contact with them for you.

Please send your rebuttal to me directly for processing. My email is

0 Reviews

2 Answers

Date: 7/5/2022 3:37 PM (PST)

They didn't tell my husband about motor last Thursday. They never said this whole time about the motor till then. Really disappointed in auto max we really liked them. All we wanted is them 2 honor there words. Unfortunately everything was verbal. It's sad a giant business gets there kicks in destroying a family lively hood after going into finial debt for thousands of dollars. What a business people's word to help there client not destroy there lives all together.

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