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Questions regarding eviction

Date: 10/26/2021 4:29 PM (PST)

I am being evicted not because of payment but because my landlord was lying to people about the condition of property. She put a handwritten note on my door weeks ago. The judge chided her for not following the law regarding legal notice. She refused payment including three months advanced rent claiming, "I don't want his money, I just want him out." The judge asked twice if that's what she wanted. Then proceeded to tell her a note on the door is not legal notice despite who she believes she is.
Evidently that escaped her as she did it again today after waiting 12 days. Now she wants money as she is desperate for cash flow. Being that she was offered a total of $6800.00 on October 14th, the judge made it clear she could noonger sue for it.
They have refused to repair any of the problems with my house. We have had no A/C since July 28th. My sons car is damaged from the crumbling driveway, the door to the storm shelter is rotted out, the sink takes 14 minutes to run 1 gal of water. The door facings were purchased long before I moved in and never replaced. Much of the wood is rotting from no paint.
How do I proceed?

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Date: 11/1/2021 12:41 PM (PST)

Hello William. Please contact the Metropolitan Fair Housing Council of Oklahoma, Inc. They are familiar with the laws regarding evictions in Oklahoma and may have resources or information available to you on how to proceed:

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