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Return Vehicle next morning

Date: 3/1/2022 9:09 AM (PST)

I purchased a motorcycle last night and on the way home insurance company contacted me advised the quote was incorrect by $300 more a month. I want to return to dealership, called waiting on response. Do I have the right to return? How do I go about getting it return successfully.

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Date: 3/1/2022 11:55 AM (PST)

Hi Kathryn,
That is a great question. Laws on car purchases vary by state. Under some circumstances, a dealer might take a car back, but that is highly unlikely. If the motorcycle is new, it will probably not qualify for return. You should review your contract to see if there is any provision that will allow you to return it. It is up to the dealer to unwind the deal.

While it may be unlikely that the dealership will agree to unwind the contract, you can try shopping around for a better insurance price. You can also speak with your insurance company and ask if there is any way to reduce the quoted price.

It is a good idea to reach out to your insurance company first to discuss your options. If what they are offering is not agreeable, shop around for other insurance quotes. If you still think that unwinding the deal is your best option, reach out to the salesperson as a courtesy and explain the situation. Be aware that you may have to escalate the request to speak with the sales manager, general manager, or owner. Again the decision is up to the dealership as they are under no obligation to change the terms of the deal. Try asking if the purchase price can be lowered or whatever other options may be available. In all cases, try to remain calm and approach the situation reasonably.

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