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Date: 2/5/2019 10:40 PM (PST)

Security flaw with Samsung..a 1200 note 9 is operable when it sim is taken out..i think this phone should automatically shut down mode

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Date: 2/6/2019 8:48 AM (PST)

Thank you Tiffany for your post. I appreciate you sharing your findings with our BCA readers. Have you reached out to Samsung at all? I’m sure they would appreciate feedback of any kind, especially feedback pertaining to possible security flaws with their phones. On their website, they have a product support page that you can access by phone, online chat, email or ask the community: Another option is reaching out to them on social media.

Samsung support on Facebook:
Samsung support on Twitter:

In addition to our Ask The Experts forum, BCA also accepts consumer complaints against businesses: and we also accept reviews on businesses regarding their service or products. For a complete list of services BCA offers, click on Consumer Services:

Thank you again Tiffany for utilizing our services. Please do not hesitate to contact me directly at if I can be of further assistance.

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