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siding falling off house

Date: 8/18/2020 8:56 AM (PST)

Whats the next step. I filed complaint in July and it states the status is closed now, what is my next step? I paid a contractor to place siding and now its falling off.
The contractor also covered my exhaust for dryer in basement and other work not done right around home. The work was done in Sept/19, I have the written contract.

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Date: 8/19/2020 3:43 PM (PST)

Hello Angela. I'm so sorry to hear of your experience with the Contractor. In your State of New Hampshire, it is recommended consumers contact Consumer Protection and Antitrust Bureau at 1-800-639-5290. Also, anyone doing business in the State of New Hampshire must register with the Secretary of State's Office. Check the company's name at the Secretary of State's website or call 1-603-271-3242.

I hope this information is helpful. I can be reached directly at if you have additional questions or concerns.

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Date: 11/24/2020 3:45 PM (PST)

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