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US Pawn & Loan
18134 Arkansas Highway 5
Austin, AR 72007-9463

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Sold me a Lemon

Date: 12/13/2019 6:26 PM (PST)

I just purchased a 2005 volkswagon Bug traded in my 1992 Dodge Dakota 4wd truck...when i was going to test drive it it wouldnt start...had be jumped off they claimed it hasnt been started lately and cold weather. I asked about any car problems with motor...when oil been changed...etc. They said everything works and had Carmax report. Well i took their word started to leave with my new car it wouldnt start charger to it was on empty they went got 2 dollars of gas and reset it it started whole time trying to get car to start the man i bought from never came out or nothing had his worker..i drove home..i noticed the cooler light was flashing which they said it does that its okay been fully home pulled in my driveway got out smoke comming out of motor day i went to store got home it was really smoking from under the hood ..i opened hood checked oil was nasty and low looked where the antifreeze coolant goes hasnt been checked sometime had to get a guy to come get top off it took some doing...he poured antifreeze in...heard something running out underneath it was it what we poured in ...i called Mr. Toby told him what had happened i havent had my car 24 hrs already im not able to even drive it. I asked him to come get it he said he cant i had to have it towed where i bought it. I said cant afford do that..he didnt care he wasnt concerned or anything. Found out i need a part dont remember name of it had to order it he didnt even offered to pay for it or nothing..i was so upset its friday part wont be in till tuesday costing me 35.00 plus shipping. So im stuck without a vehicle i feel Mr todd was a liar and a scamer he owns a Pawn store and has car lot..he lied and wasnt even worried about my situation ..he knew it when he sold it to me shouldnt a car dealer know all about a vehicle before selling it? Toby Troutman is the owner and who sold this car His buisnesd is US pawn and address is 18134 arkansas hwy 5 Austin Arkansas 72007 phone number cell number 501 580 8496. Office 501 843 3632 i am a 53 widower living on fixed income i lost my husband of 26 years and my truck was in good shape no problems pls can you help me

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Date: 12/16/2019 9:53 AM (PST)

Hi Terri,

I have experienced some really bad car sales myself so I can understand your position and the frustration you must be feeling. Whenever you purchase a used car it's important to have the vehicle checked out before you make the purchase. Having a trusted mechanic inspect the car can save you money if there is discovered to be costly problems or issues. Also, obtaining a vehicle history report is helpful.

I looked into used car laws in AR and found this link on the AR attorney general's website with helpful information for used car purchases: Unfortunately, you have no right to cancel a car purchase. Contrary to popular misconception, neither State nor federal law gives the buyer an unconditional right to cancel a car purchase.

We can reach out to the business with your concerns to see if they are willing to work with you on a resolution. You can start by filing your complaint here:

Thank you for your question.

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