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Public Storage, Inc. (Headquarters)
701 Western Avenue Suite 200
Glendale, CA 91201

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Date: 10/1/2021 10:57 PM (PST)

I stored my trailer at public starage when I went to get some things out of it you could clearly see someone was staying in it .and also things missing all and all 2000.00 stolen goods and damages to trailer now storage says I did not get ins.and they have it on camera and there's nothing they can do .why did I put my trailer in a gated lock facility what can I do ,?

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1 Reviews

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Date: 10/7/2021 2:30 PM (PST)

Hello Shanna. Thank you for reaching out to us. Filing a complaint is a good start. We contacted Public Storage with your complaint on 10/04/21 and currently we are waiting for their response.

I do recommend because of the large number of complaints against storage facilities in general, that you review your rental agreement. In particular, closely review the section that explains the company’s policies regarding break-ins. It’s my understanding that most storage facilities require their customers to have insurance on the contents of the unit. It may be a good idea to have an attorney go over the rental agreement with you, if there is any part of it you do not understand. He or she would be able to advise you how to proceed moving forward and if the company bears any liability based on the agreement in hand.

If you reached out to Public Storage at the local level, you may consider contacting their Corporate. I did locate a help center page on their website:

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