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what can i do to have nonturthful information put on my credit report?

Date: 7/11/2020 5:28 PM (PST)

can the manager at the highlands apartment in Waco, texas be sued for providing fraudulent information on my credit report? she stated that she had the carpet cleaned in my old apartment which in fact there is no carpet, and I took pictures to prove that she lied. my apartment is used as a model apartment. I gave a 60-day notice that I was moving. she refused to do a walkthrough. stated she took photos. I also took photos and videos. I had to go get a print out from her and only one thing was correct which was the patio blinds had to be replaced. everything else was false. I only found out when I was checking my credit report. TransUnion. I moved September 26, 2019, and she still charged me for December 2019.

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Date: 7/17/2020 8:43 AM (PST)

Charlene, contact all three credit bureaus, and in writing let them know what information on your credit report is inaccurate. Copies of documentation to support your position may be helpful. State the facts and explain why you are disputing the information, and request that it be removed or deleted. Send your letter by certified mail, return receipt requested. Keep copies of your dispute letter and supporting documentation.

Credit reporting agencies must investigate the items in question. When the investigation is complete, the credit reporting company must give you the results in writing. I believe the investigation process can take up to 30 days, but with the pandemic going on, I don’t know if there is a longer wait time. Please check with the credit reporting agency to verify wait times.

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