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Who do I need to contact to resolve?

Date: 7/26/2019 9:49 AM (PST)

I was working for a Resident & Commercial cleaning company that bid their jobs by how many hours the owner felt would take one person to clean the place. Then would 2 to 3 of us to the place and we would devide the original time by however many employees she sent in there. Well majority of our jobs are huge houses with wood flooring and we would go over her expect time. She continually would tell me that if she's not getting paid then we(employees) are getting paid. So in other words she bid it at a certain time frame and if we go over that time she is making no money while we are still inside doing the required work of us so she's not going to pay us for that time either even though we are still working and doing what she requires of us. I also lived with my boss and paid $400 a month in rent and $192 in groceries. Well as of yesterday because I finally opened my mouth and stuck up for myself instead of letting her walk all over me and control my every move she kicked me out and fired me all in one package. When I asked her why the only reason she gave me was I don't want to hear your mouth anymore. Also my legal known address on my driver's license is the address she kicked me from and I have definitely lived there over 30 days. Mind you I moved to Oregon to have a fresh start and so when she kicked me out and fired me for no legitimate reason she put me out on the street with absolutely no where to go and not knowing anybody I was stuck on the curb side if I remain out here in Oregon. So no I have been forced to buy a Greyhound ticket and go back to California where I came from. Is this legal can she do this and if not who do I contact to resolve this? Thank you for your time that you have spent on this.

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Date: 7/29/2019 9:35 AM (PST)

Good Morning Janelle. Please contact the Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries Wage and Hour Division:

It is their office that you need to contact to assist you with filing a claim.

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