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How long before you cellphone back

Date: 8/19/2022 3:46 PM (PST)

Send a cellphone ro get fixed in irving TX and the tracking information is telling me that the cellphone is no were to be found and they keep giving me a different ID # and wend a traket is said traking number not found I need my phone and they are giving me the runaround all the time by the postal service department they have the phone since 8/6/22 and they don't have it don't know what to do about this problem hopefully you guys can help thanks.

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Date: 8/22/2022 10:55 AM (PST)

Hello Gunnar. Thank you for contacting us. We have contacted Samsung twice and unfortunately, they have not replied. We will contact you as soon as we see that your complaint has generated activity that requires your attention.
In the event the company fails to respond, please escalate your complaint to the New Jersey Department of Consumer Affairs. Samsung is headquartered in New Jersey. The New Jersey Department of Consumer Affairs may be able to offer additional assistance:

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