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Wasn't given the right replacement order the person that took my ordered the one that gave me could really cause a health ri

Date: 8/2/2022 3:56 PM (PST)

What steps do I need to take I cannot eat thick crust pizza because I have trouble swallowing and I ordered a thin crust and it was to be replaced and the person took my order did not write it down as a thin crust they wrote it down as a thick Crest when my replacement order was supposed to be thin and the manager will not replace my pizza he was being very rude and said because the pizza was free that he was not going to make me another pizza because the person who took the order wrote it down wrong and that's what they went by but I told him I replacement orders supposed to be the same as the first replacement order and I have trouble swallowing and I cannot eat this pizza so what steps can I take can I sue

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Date: 8/3/2022 2:15 PM (PST)

Hell Denise. I see that you filed a complaint with our office and that is a good first step. The complaint is being processed and within the next 24-48 hours you will receive an email confirmation from us with your complaint ID number.

I also suggest if you have not done so already, contact Dominos Corporate. Their Customer Care number is (734)930-3030 and here is the link to their website: Before you contact them it is important to have the store information i.e., address, phone number, store number if possible and the date of the transaction. Sometimes regarding instances like this one, if the management at the establishment is unable to resolve, then escalating the complaint to a regional or district manager is an option to consider.

I hope this information is helpful. Please feel free to contact me directly at if I can be of further assistance.

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