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About complaint

Date: 2/16/2019 5:59 AM (PST)

What happens if company doesn't respond in 14 days

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Date: 2/19/2019 9:21 AM (PST)

Damon, Good Morning and thank you for contacting Business Consumer Alliance (BCA). Unfortunately, has a poor track record of responding to complaint with BCA, so it’s probable they will not respond. I would like to share that this company’s website is hosted on If you are experiencing order related problems you may wish to also contact to report the issue and ask that an investigation be opened on the retailer. If you Google search on line, you will see they have thousands of complaints and poor reviews filed against them, some consumers experiencing the same issues you are.

In the event does not address your complaint filed with BCA, I suggest filing a complaint with the California Department of Consumer Affairs: The complaint you filed against with BCA, will remain on record here for three years, and the allegations in the complaint will be reported to the public. BCA will notify if we see that your complaint has generated any activity that requires your attention.

Please feel free to contact me directly at if you need further assistance.

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